Sammer Gallery LLC  is pleased to announce “Carmelo Arden Quin Decoupage Collage”. This is our second solo show of Carmelo Arden Quin in our gallery . The exhibition will focus on paper-cuts and collage works made during the late 50’s till the 70’s. Although Arden Quin began to make collages and découpages in 1950, it was on his return from Rivera and Buenos Aires, in 1956, that he modified his artistic production. Momentarily abandons painting due to family problems - he must take responsibility for the factories belonging to his wife's father, the artist Marcelle Saint-Omer - until 1971, years during which he will work only on a series of "collages" and "découpages", projects of paintings he never made. A subtle and perfect work of a hand that draws a line, the one that finds its figure: triangle, circle or square that caught in movement, often, cross and interlace with découpages of newspaper or wallpaper. Arden Quin controls space, plays with forms, perfect alliance for the immediate of a work in balance.

Obliged to a kind of forced rest, his collages were for him a long script between his revolutionary work of the years 35-53 and the diverse and magnificent creations of an indefinitely prolonged maturity.