Sammer Gallery LL is please to announce the exhibition titled “In the Total Absence/Presence of Color ” Exhibition catalogue with text by Adriana Herrera; artist's biographies; 100 plates, 142 pages fully illustrated.

The title of this exhibition responds to the predominance of black and white in the assembled works. The decision to review chapters of the history of twentieth-century concrete abstraction based on these two opposite properties of the light spectrum arises from the fact that only after modernity, it became possible for the Western mind to imagine painting without color: undoubtedly, through the influence of the appearance of photography, and especially after the vanguard movements that proclaimed the autonomy of art before reality. The works gathered here encompass a period of 90 years: from an untitled 1929 drawing by Joaquín Torres García, to the acrylic on metal Táctil Virtual by Rafael Martinez from 2019.

Although there is a high concentration of historical works of the successive movements, from Argentina to Cuba, which encompasses the rise of Constructivism, Concretism and MADÍ, optic and kinetic art, among other tendencies in Latin American abstraction, there is also a selection of American and European artists. In a way, all of them converged and even participated “from this side here and that side there” (often located in Paris) in the feverish enthusiasm of multiple groups—from Cercle et Carré, or ZERO, to the Groupe de Recherche d’Art Visuel (GRAV) and Espacialismo, among others. Inspired by the earliest vanguards, all of them endeavored to invent a new art capable of awakening new thresholds of vision for mankind.

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Digital Catalogue

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Essay : Adriana Herrera PhD