Sammer Gallery LLC  is pleased to announce its participation at Arco Madrid 2018  with a presentation titled "Origins of geometric abstraction in the American Continent" with a group of artists that formed the Asociación de Arte Constructivo (Association of Constructivist Art). The A.A.C.  was an art movement founded in Uruguay in 1935 by constructivist artist Joaquín Torres-García, with the aim of creating a truly Latin American art. After a short period of time in Madrid, where he exhibited, taught, and gave lectures, Torres-García returned to Uruguay in April 1934. There he founded the Asociación de Arte Constructivo (Association of Constructivist Artists) and published the journal Circulo y Cuadrado, which introduced the avant-garde art movements of Cubism, Neoplasticism, and Constructivism to artists in his home country. He published extensively on the theory of art, and partly due to his 1935 call for artists to invert the traditional hierarchy of art by placing Latin America before Europe in his text Escuela del Sur (School of the South), has many Latin American followers. For the occasion, we published a digital catalog with an introductory essay by Manuel Neves.



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